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“The Largest of the three former capital that forms the backbone of the northern Ethiopia’s Historical Circuit. it’s also the most immediately impressive of the trio,Studded as it is With Fairy-tale castles, Venerable Church’s and other Substantial European-influenced buildings dating from the 17th  and 18th century heyday.Imposing as they might be.

Goondary is A very pleasent city to eexplore, With A friendly,  Laid Back, Almost countrified mood by comparison with Addis Ababaor Even Bahir Dar.

Gondar lies in A valley run trough by two rivers , The Qaha and Angareb, Whose confluence lies at the southern end of town. the focal point of of the city center is the historic Fasil genbii…Running north from this, the central business district know as the piazza still boasts several building dating from the Italian occupation.” Bradt Travel Guide by philip Briggs 7th Edition

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